1. What is the best way to cook Tasty Plus Foods noodles?

We provide different cooking instructions on each of our noodle products. You can check on our noodle product section to learn the best way to cook each specific noodle type. You can also contact us, we are glad to share any information you may be looking for.

2. What are your business hours?

Our business hours are 9:00 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

3. Where can I buy your products?

You can find our products at H-Mart (Southern California), 168 Market (Southern California), and Tawa Supermarket (99 ranch market) in Southern California, Las Vegas NV, and Texas.

4. How do I read the date code on your product.

You can contact us to check the date code on the product.

5. I have common food allergies, should I be concerned?
Yes, All our product contain wheat and some products contain soy or egg. Please check our product description.

6. Do your noodles contain dairy products?

Yes, some of our noodle products contain egg. Please check description in our products.

7. What is the best method for long term storage of your noodle products?

Storing noodles in the freezer will be the best method for long term storage.

8. Can I purchase noodles from Tasty Plus Foods directly?

Yes, you can contact us directly.

9. Can you customize?

We can fulfill custom noodle orders if you order a large quantity. Depending on your preference, we can make the best noodle product to match your needs.

10. Do you deliver?

Yes, we have delivery service available.

11. I have suggestion for your company, how can I share it with you?

We would love to hear your thought and recommendations. If you would like to tell us about your experience, you can do so using the contact form on the contact page. All feedback is greatly appreciated, we will happily respond to all inquiries in a timely fashion.