About Tasty Plus Foods

Tasty Plus Foods is a noodle company located in City of Industry, CA. We specialize in the production, processing, and marketing of noodles while preserving the concept of delicious health. During production and processing, we consider top grade raw materials the most important factor. Our master chef has 30 years of experience and uses the best ingredients to deliver some of the tastiest noodles you can find. We combine the traditional and modern to bring forward the unique taste of traditional hand made noodles, all while achieving the daily needs of nutritional value. After many years of operating, Tasty Plus Foods has been focusing a superb noodle experience to build a reputation and brand image.

To improve the quality of our noodle products, Tasty Plus Foods provides customized products with improved equipment to make higher quality noodles custom tailored to your specific needs. Our noodles will rock your taste buds, you will never forget their delicious flavor. We believe our noodles will deliver the utmost delicious noodle experience!

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• 標準化作業流程,依訂單生產。
• 採客製化生產,規格齊全。
• 品質穩定,厚薄粗細、口感、Q度穩定不變。
• 挑選高品質原料,呈現健康自然風味。
• 嚴格遵守美國FDA衛生規範和美國食品局USDA有機認證,讓顧客能吃得安心。

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